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Free ISP UK Dial Up Number Anonymous Internet

CHEAPER than 0845 dial-up numbers!

Start using our free anonymous UK ISP service now!

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0844 535 2225
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Our Free Anonymous UK ISP internet access service makes it easy for you to have UK Internet access. You don't have to sign up or pay monthly charges - you can just go online whenever you want for the cost of a local phone call. That's just 1 pence per minute on weekday evenings and at weekends!
Because you don't have to signup our Internet Access Service is anonymous. This is great if you don't want companies tracking your surfing habits or have another reason why you would want to surf anonymously.
Take advantage of our Free UK ISP service now! 
Dial-up number to use: Username:
0844 535 2225 freeisp
Password: SMTP mail server:
If you need instructions on how to setup your computer to use My Free ISP, see our internet dial-up set-up instructions service.
Our service supports all modems. 56k V90 V92, ISDN 64k & 128k, Network Modems and Routers.
Choose you know it makes sense! If you want a fast and reliable internet connection then this service is for you. No subscription fees mean that you Just pay for what you use. is also a useful backup if you need constant access and have connection problems.
Read More Frequently Asked Questions about our free UK ISP service
*The Free uk Internet dial up access service provided by is a free-to-subscribe ISP service for the UK. No set-up is involved and the service in anonymous. Because our internet access number is an 0844 number all you pay is the cost of local phone call - just 1 pence a minute at weekends and weekday evenings and under 4 pence per minute during the day.